She taught? Who’s “she”?

My name is Manda. I love teaching. You can follow me on Twitter @zillogy. Here are some random facts about me!

I’m twenty-eight years old, married, addicted to the internet, interested in new ideas on assessment, and always looking for different ways to configure my classroom.

I tried blogging about teaching before but it didn’t really “take,” so I’m going to try again!

I believe in challenging students to think differently about what it means to learn. I focus on rapport, dynamic learning environments/layouts, collaboration, intuitive and inquiry-based learning (and teaching!), and trying not to equate grades with learning.

I feel lucky to have learned pretty early into my career that much of the best PD is free.

I got my BA in English and Fine Arts before doing my BEd in Secondary Education. My dream job was always to teach high school English. I did it for a couple years, then went to Junior High where I taught a whole mish mash of things. I honestly believe that my experiences teaching stuff outside of my comfort zone has helped me become better-rounded as a teacher.

This year, I am moving from a lower-income junior high to an affluent high school. It is bound to be a big change that will require a lot of learning and adjustment on my part, but I am prepared for the challenge. I will be teaching English 9/AP, 10-1, 10-2, and 20-2. I will also be teaching Religion 9 and 25.

I know that negotiating my identity as a teacher is something I’ll be doing for many years yet, but I think/worry about it pretty much every day. Sometimes I think I know what I’m all about, but other times I come home and feel lost. I’m excited to see what Year 6 will bring, and I’m hoping to share some good stuff with you occasionally, too!

As always, I’m just going to do my best to bring the awesome.

Thanks for visiting!


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